Taking Care Of Your Vision: What You Need To Know


Vision care is necessary for keeping up with your eye health and preventing worsening vision as you age. The older you get, the more your vision will deteriorate and diminish. Preventing vision loss is important, and it is possible if you take better care of your eyes and watch some of your habits that may be causing your vision loss. Read on for some helpful tips on how to care for your vision.

20 December 2022

4 Things To Always Do At The Optometrist's Office


Taking a trip to your eye doctor's office each year is an important way to maintain your eye health. Following the right steps can make sure you get the most out of each appointment. These are four things you should always do at the optometrist's office. 1. Talk about eye discomfort Eyes are naturally very sensitive. Anyone who's ever gotten an eyelash in their eye knows how much even tiny foreign objects can be a pain in the eye.

8 September 2022

What Options Are Available For Curing Chronic Dry Eye?


Medicated drops are typically the first line of treatment for chronic dry eye but, for some people, they just don't do the job of keeping eyes moist. While there isn't a cure for chronic dry eye, here are two treatment options that may provide better and more long-lasting results. Punctal Plugs Chronic dry eye is characterized by the inability to produce an adequate amount of tears to keep eyes properly hydrated.

23 May 2022