Burning, Swollen Eyes After A Day Outdoors? It Might Be Photokeratitis Instead Of Allergies. Here's Why It's Important


If your eyes are burning, itching, and inflamed after a day spent out in the sun, you may be suffering from photokeratitis. It's a common affliction among both beachgoers and snow skiers. Both sand and snow reflect sunlight back up towards you, including the ultraviolet rays that emanate from it — these ultraviolet rays are what cause photokeratitis. While photokeratitis is typically not serious, it's a sign that you aren't taking proper care of your eyes when you're outdoors.

21 December 2019

How An Optometrist Can Help Improve Your Sports Game


Are you an athlete who struggles with your game? Well, there's every possibility that your vision is actually interfering with your athletic prowess -- and an optometrist who handles sports vision problems may be able to help. Here's what you need to know about how visual acuity and vision therapy can affect your sports performance: What's vision got to do with your athletic prowess? Athletes actually make use of several different types of vision during an event.

2 July 2019

Contact Lenses And Eye Infections: Signs, Treatment, And Prevention


Contact lenses are safe and easy to use and could be a practical choice for you. While most people can wear contact lenses with no problem, there is a chance of infection if you are not careful. Fortunately, it is not hard to prevent infections. Here is more information about the types, signs, treatment, and prevention of contact lens-related infection to help you be more informed when you see your eye doctor.

20 February 2019