Three Bad Habits That Might Be Sabotaging Your Eye Health


Your eyes allow you to enjoy the beauty of the world around you, so it's important to take great care of them. Unfortunately, a lot of people develop habits that are bad for their eyes. Some of these habits may not have consequences for many years, but once they've done their damage, there's no turning back the clock. If you want your eyes to stay healthy for years to come, avoid these bad habits.

5 April 2016

Why Are Your Eyes Running Excessively?


Dealing with excessive amounts of clear tears running from your eyes can be a hassle. Not only do you always have to soak up the tears, but they can cause irritation to your eyelids and the tissue below your eyes. Don't just ignore constantly tearing eyes. Figure out what's causing them, so you can obtain the proper treatment. Here's a look at three possible causes. Allergies If your eyes are also red and itchy, there's a good chance the tearing is caused by allergies.

20 January 2016